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Healthy Highlights

When choosing between quinoa and farro, kale and chard, or turmeric and matcha- it can be useful to know the specific nutritive value of the foods you're contemplating. So, whether you’re looking for the best dark and leafy green to support gastrointestinal health, the top 5 benefits of your favorite nut, or a head to head comparison to two similar foods- these healthy product highlights are sure to have the information you need.

Whether you're wondering about a snack, a recipe, or a single ingredient- the products you care about most are being added on a regular basis. Be sure to check back frequently for great reads about your favorite foods and informative articles that will help you find new and exciting additions to your diet. Check out the articles below to learn more about your favorite foods today!

5 Uses for Cacao Powder »

Cacao powder is the ultimate gift to chocolate lovers with rich full flavors that acts as a source of antioxidants to support select areas of health. The powder provides a great way to improve any number of foods, so learn how to incorporate cacao into your favorite recipes here.

5 Ways to Eat Farro »

Farro is a delectable grain that resembles pilaf, for a slightly chewy texture and nutty taste that serves as an alternative side dish to enjoy in the place of rice and other similar grains. But, what are the best ways to enjoy this unique seed? Discover dishes that utilize the best aspects of the food and find your favorites today.

6 Best Gluten-Free Foods »

Eating gluten-free may seem impossibly restrictive at times, but there are a small number of versatile foods that will restore the glee to your daily diet. Discover six wholesome and wholly delicious foods that are naturally free of the pesky protein with this lovely list.

Alcohol and the Body »

A cool mug of your favorite pilsner, a redolent glass of merlot, and a shot of vodka offer more than just a means of relaxing. Learn what these alcohols bring to the table in terms of health and which alcohols to avoid with this simple discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of the drinks.

Almond Flour Recipes »

Almond flour is a low-carb and gluten-free alternative to wheat flour that can be used in a wide array of appetizing recipes. Discover our favorite almond flour recipes and the delectable dishes you can create with this potent powder with this list of our top 8 almond flour recipes!

Anti-Aging Superfoods »

George Burns once said, "You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old." Indeed, age is just a number when you take care of your body and pursue a healthy, active lifestyle. One of the best ways to resist the adverse effects of aging is with the right diet. Start your path to better health and youthful exuberance with these six anti-aging superfoods.

Beat the Afternoon Slump »

It happens to the best of us. Lunch has come and gone and whilst awaiting the end of the day, we find that our focus and energy levels are not where we’d like them- the dreaded afternoon slump strikes again. Learn how to counteract this unfortunate phenomenon with these 6 healthy habits!

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet »

You don’t have to go full vegan, or even vegetarian, to enjoy the myriad benefits that a plant-based diet has to offer. Simply focusing your intake on whole foods of plant origins can offer an abundance of benefits that may persuade you to go greener at the dinner table. Discover the top 5 benefits of eating a plant-based diet with this informative list.

Benefits of Baobab »

A new superfood with a surprisingly succulent savor, baobab is a fruit that contains a wide variety of nutrients to support your overall health. Learn all about this tasty treat and the myriad of ways there are to enjoy it with this incredible food.

Benefits of Cashews »

Everyone loves cashews, but not everyone knows all of the incredible things these delicious nuts can do. Learn everything these scrumptious bits have to offer with this breakdown of the beneficial nutrients each nut contains.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair »

Coconut oil is being celebrated with increasing frequency for its nutritional properties and culinary uses, but its impressive versatility isn’t limited to the kitchen. Learn how the oil can be used as to keep your hair lustrous and smooth.

Benefits of Coconuts »

You may have noticed an abundance of products appearing with a familiar fruit attached to their name: coconut water, coconut milk, coconut coffee, coconut oil- the list goes on and on! But why are so many people raving about coconut? Learn all this simple food has to offer here at

Benefits of Dates »

Goji berries are hailed as a scrumptious superfood that is great as a dried fruit or tea topping. But what exactly are the benefits these berries offer? Learn all about this mysterious sustenance and the nutritive value it contains.

Benefits of Fenugreek »

Fenugreek seeds are commonly used in the Middle East and India for a wide variety of culinary delights. Discover the wonders of fenugreek with this exploration of the health benefits that these scrumptious seeds have to offer.

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia »

Garcinia cambogia extract has had a great deal of uncertainty surrounding its use as a means of weight loss, but the herbal product offers an interesting means of facilitating the process that is worth exploring. Learn more about this wonder powder and the enigmatic underpinnings of its purported function here.

Benefits of Goji Berries »

Goji berries are hailed as a scrumptious superfood that is great as a dried fruit or tea topping. But what exactly are the benefits these berries offer? Learn all about this mysterious sustenance and the nutritive value it contains.

Benefits of Kale Chips »

Kale chips are a scrumptious snack with a crispy texture that come in a wide variety of tasty flavors. But, the enjoyable nature of the chips isn’t the only driving factor when we add them to our daily diet. These treats have a wealth of health benefits that make them the perfect selection for a daily indulgence between meals.

Benefits of Monk Fruit Sweetener »

Most are unfamiliar with the monk fruit, but this saccharine treat offers an incredible potent substitute for sugar that won’t raise blood glucose levels as much as traditional sweeteners. Discover all the benefits of this superb sweetener here!

Benefits of Peanuts »

As a scrumptious sandwich spread, paired with your favorite beverage at the ballpark, or in a delectable spring roll sauce: there is simply no wrong way to enjoy these superbly delicious nuts. Learn the benefits of peanuts to understand why they offer much more than a terrific taste and enjoy this list of their top traits.

Benefits of Pecans »

Pecans are a nut that is often used in a needlessly limited fashion. Though these palatable pieces provide a full and rich flavor that is ideal for desserts, the nuts have much more to offer than just a scrumptious taste. Learn all about these nutritious nuts and the full benefits they offer!

Benefits of Pistachios »

Pistachios are a delightful snack to keep you going through the day. Not only do they taste great, but these nuts are packed with beneficial nutrients to sustain your health and wellness. Learn all about the benefits of these delectable delights here!

Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds »

Pumpkin seeds make for a delicious snack and can be used for an ingredient in a wide range of redolent recipes. But these seeds offer more than a sprightly crunch and a scrumptious savor; learn the benefits of these wholesome snacks here at

Benefits of Spelt Flour »

Spelt flour is often included in health aisles and whole food stores as a more healthsome alternative to standard varieties. But what sets spelt apart, and what does this unique powder have to offer? Learn all about the surprising benefits of this nourishing food.

Benefits of Steel Cut Oats »

What you put on your plate in the morning can make a monumental difference to the rest of your day. One popular option that provides a hearty meal that can be customized with a wide variety of toppings to create an array of different tastes is oatmeal. While many people think of flat and soft rolled oats, a more robust and chewy variety may offer more of what you need. Learn all about the benefits of steel cut oats here.

Benefits of Sunflower Seeds »

Sunflower seeds are a classic snack to enjoy at ball games and make a delectable crunch when added to soups or salads; but, these scrumptious kernels offer more than just a nutty flavor and satisfying crunch. Learn all about the benefits of sunflower seeds here at

Benefits of Tiger Nuts »

A little known nut may be the newest addition to your diet. Discover the benefits tiger nuts have to offer and all about these scrumptious kernels with this handy guide, including an expansive list of the nutrients it offers.

Benefits of Turmeric »

Turmeric may sound familiar to those familiar with Indian cuisine or those that enjoy natural spices in their cooking. But, did you know that the spice has a myriad of other uses and benefits that may make it your new favorite go-to ingredient? Learn all about this super spice with these 7 surprising benefits!

Benefits of Walnuts »

Walnuts make a great addition to any number of recipes and can be enjoyed as a standalone snack as well. While we may think of these snacks as healthy, what is it exactly that these nuts do for our nutritive needs? Learn all about walnuts and their benefits here.

Benefits of Wheatgrass »

We’ve all heard of wheatgrass, and we may have even tried drinks or treats that utilize the plant. Most may be taken aback by the taste or texture of some of these products, but there’s a method to them madness when it comes to finding a pleasant way of adding this plant to your diet. Learn all about the benefits of this wholesome plant here.

Best Food Fads »

Food fads come and go, but select sources of sustenance can stay atop our lists of superfoods for years to come. Cut through the hype and find the top 8 food fads you should definitely try!

Cacao vs Cocoa »

What is cacao and how EXACTLY does it differ from cocoa? Finally, the answers to all of your chocolate-based questions are here! Learn all about cacao, cocoa, and how they differ with this handy guide.

Caffeine-Free Energy Foods »

Caffeine is a great way to stay awake when you simply can’t push through the day without it, but it can leave you jittery through the day with some very unappealing after-effects. Instead of relying on coffee and energy drinks, try these natural foods that offer the nutrients that keep you going!

Chocolate That's Good for You »

We all love indulging in our chocolate cravings once in awhile, but wouldn’t it be something to gain something from our impulses? Discover 6 chocolate treats that can actually benefit your health here at!

Diet vs. Exercise »

Maintaining a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. But, how much of this deficit should be created through exercise as opposed to restricting intake? Find all the answers you need to optimize your weight loss plan here!

Fat Burning Foods »

Losing weight is a common goal that often coincides with another aim: burning fat and maintaining muscle. But, how can you make sure the pounds you’re shedding are of the fatty variety? Find 6 foods that facilitate the metabolism of fat here to attain that tone you’ve always wanted!

Food Myths Debunked »

Information is constantly changing as research elucidates the intricacies of nutrition and the human body. While much of the information circulating on the web can help you stay healthy, others continue to mistakenly proliferate misinformation. Discover the truth about the most common food myths that are deceiving dieters today.

Foods for Bone Density »

As we get on in age, it's natural for our bones to lose density. Though normal, this loss can result in brittle bones that make us more at-risk to fractures and similar health issues. Support your bone health by adding calcium to your diet with these six superb sources of the mineral.

Foods for Colon Health »

It can be critically important for us to actively maintain colon health as we age to avoid a wide array of serious health risks. Discover the 7 best foods to support colon health here.

Foods for Healthy Hair »

Discover the secret to healthy hair with this list of foods that supply the vitamins and minerals your body needs to grow lustrous, strong tresses. You may be surprised at some of the delectable dishes you can make to support your hair health!

Foods for Healthy Skin »

Learn to care for your skin the natural way with nutrition from these delicious foods and the vitamins and minerals they contain. Healthier skin starts in the kitchen, so add these foods to your diet today!

Foods to Help Sleep »

Sleep is essential to your well being, but preparing to get proper rest takes special attention to healthy habits and dietary choices. Facilitate a good night’s rest with these eight foods that support healthy sleep.

Foods to Reduce Stress »

Stress eating can be a nasty habit, but eating the right foods can actually provide a healthy means of reducing stress. Discover 6 healthy foods to reduce your stress levels with this simple list!

Green Tea Benefits »

Green tea is a superb source of warmth on a cold day, but the beverage offers more than just a comforting cup with a classic taste. Learn all of the health benefits of this herbal beverage with this simple list of reasons to add more of the drink to your daily routine.

Healthy Baking Flours »

Most baking recipes call for all-purpose or wheat-based flours. But these powdered grains can fall short of your purposes if you have special dietary restrictions or hope to go above and beyond the standard fare. These 5 fantastic flours that will change the way you bake!

Heart Healthy Habits »

A healthy heart is essential to maintaining your overall health and a good quality of life. But, there's no quick fix when it comes to your cardiovascular system. Health is a habit; but, we're here to help. Learn 5 habits that have been scientifically shown to support a healthy heart.

High Protein Health Risks »

Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, and more- high protein diets have established themselves among the popular lexicon of bodybuilders and health advocates across the globe. While many appear to be proficient at facilitating weight loss, there may be hidden drawbacks to this mechanism of staying slim that are worth a closer look. Consider the health risks of high protein diets with this in-depth look at the science behind their impressive efficacy.

How to Boost Your Metabolism »

Those cursed with a slow metabolic rate know the havoc it can wreak on their efforts to maintain a healthy weight. While we all have a basal metabolic rate that significantly affects the way we diet and exercise, there are some things you can do to take matters into your own hands. Check out this list of 7 foods that can help you boost your metabolism!

How to Lose Weight While Aging »

As you may well know, losing weight can feel next to impossible as you get on in years. It's not just in your head. Aging can actually make it more difficult to shed those pounds and stay toned. Learn the best ways to circumvent these adversities and maintain a healthy, happy body with these simple steps.

How to Throw a Vegan BBQ »

With the summer heat bearing down on us, pool parties and outdoor shindigs are a common occurrence. While getting together with friends can be a great time, a food-centered gathering can be oddly alienating. However, a beat-the-heat barbecue doesn't have to be exclusionary. These simple tips can help ensure your summer shindig offers something for everyone!

Kaniwa vs Quinoa »

Kaniwa and quinoa may sound similar and may even look the same. But these two hearty seeds each offer their own unique benefits. Discover the differences and the similarities that sets each pseudograin apart as a superb superfood.

Little Health Foods »

Big things come in small packages, and these little foods are no exception. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite compact foods to add to your diet for a boost of vitamins, minerals, and more. Learn all about the wealth of nutrients that these simple samples of substantial sustenance can add to your meals and snacks!

Low-Carb: Fad or Friend? »

There are a variety of low-carb diets vying for our attention, and each claims to be a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, are these low-carb diets all they're cracked up to be? Learn the truth about these trendy eating patterns and whether they are passing fads or sustainable lifestyles.

Making Healthier Desserts »

Dessert is often associated with excess sugar and unhealthy fats. This post-meal dish is the enemy of those seeking health and often hinders efforts to lose weight or control the most vital aspects of our health. But, it doesn't need to be this way. Desserts can offer a healthy way to quell your sweet tooth with just a few simple steps. Learn how to create healthier confections to complement your meal here.

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan »

Studies show that the Mediterranean diet supports cardiovascular, ocular, dental, and respiratory health; but, as with any diet, sticking to its tenets requires proper planning. Prepare meals for the week to make sticking to your diet simple with this comprehensive meal plan.

Natural Beauty Products »

Beauty supplies are expensive and often contain artificial ingredients that may be of questionable origin. Instead of shelling out that money for creams and powders laden with toxins, opt for a healthier and homemade approach with these simple food products that can be used to cleanse your skin, remove wrinkles, and more!

Nuts for Weight Loss »

If you’re ever embarked on a diet than you know that eating healthy and finding delicious snacks are both essential to successful weight loss. Lucky for you, these nuts are both scrumptious and healthsome to help anyone reach their weight loss goals.

Preparing Vegan Meals »

Staying vegan is no easy feat. But, it can be made significantly easier with weekly preparation. Discover strategies to prepare for each week with these helpful tips!

Preventing Muscle Degeneration »

Maintaining muscle is no simple feat. In fact, there are numerous reasons that may cause their degradation regardless of your best efforts. But don't lose hope, these simple steps can help keep muscle degeneration to a minimum and may even help support muscle growth. Maintain your muscles with these 5 steps today!

Rare Superfoods »

“Superfood” is a term that has grown ubiquitous in today’s health food scene. While some of these so-called superfoods offer an array of obscure nutrients, perhaps it’s true that some foods are more “super” than others. Discover our selection of top superfoods that aren’t your standard variety fare for a great way to kickstart a healthier diet.

Reduce Sugar Intake »

There’s nothing sweet about it: America’s addiction to sugar is harming our health. Cutting back on desserts isn’t always enough, as our preference for sweet stuff has bled into our drinks, snacks, and meals. Sugar’s ubiquity can make reducing our intake a daunting task- but, it doesn’t have to be. Discover 6 easy ways to reduce your dependency on sugar and opt for a healthier intake here.

Save Time By Going Vegan »

There are plenty of reasons to go vegan: for your health, for the animals, for the environment- but, did you know that going vegan can actually help save you time on a day to day basis? Learn the practical benefits of eating vegan for your daily routine here.

Smarter Snack Swaps »

Eating healthy can be tough when your snacks are laden with salt and grease. Replace those bad habits with wholesome alternatives that don't let up on taste. Try these naturally nutritious, surprisingly scrumptious substitutes to support healthier snacking habits!

Smoothie Ingredients »

Searching for a way to add more bang to your smoothie's buck? Adding the right ingredient to your blended beverage can improve its nutritive value without sabotaging its sweet savor. Find the best foods for supercharging your smoothie with these 6 selections!

Soy Protein vs Whey Protein »

Soy protein and whey protein are two popular means of adding protein to your diet, but each powder has its own strengths and weaknesses that vary depending on additional factors. Learn how the two powders compare and which is best for your purposes with this comprehensive guide.

Starting a Plant-Based Diet »

Eating a plant-based diet is a good way to improve your health, but making the switch from a standard meat- or grain-centered eating plan can be a difficult endeavor. Learn how to make the transition as painless as possible with these simple tips!

Steel Cut vs Rolled Oats »

The age-old question that defines breakfast for countless oatmeal enthusiasts: steel cut or rolled? Discover the differences between these two beloved forms of the wholesome grain and learn all about what makes oatmeal one of the best breakfasts around in this side by side comparison of two of our favorite forms of oats.

Sugar Substitutes »

While natural sugars found in fruits and dairy products can provide a valuable source of instant energy, refined and added sugars can be a danger to your health. Satisfying our sweet tooth with sugar substitutes seems smart, but which products offer the best benefits? Learn everything you ever wanted to know about sugar substitutes with this comprehensive guide.

Vegan Proteins »

If you're vegan or vegetarian than you may be quiet tired of hearing the classic chorus of questions from those that partake in more carnivorous endeavors. One such question concerns an important macronutrient, protein, that is essential to everyday lives. While there are many sources of protein both from animals and plants, not all proteins are equal. Learn all about vegan, vegetarian, and "traditional" sources of the nutrient here!

Vegan Substitutions for Fall Recipes »

For those committed to a vegan diet, it may seem like many coveted dishes are no longer on the table. However, these recipes are just a few simple twists away. Enjoy delicious desserts like cheesecake and apple crisp or savory dishes like risotto with these simple tips for vegan varieties of your favorite plates!

Why Go Vegan »

The vegan lifestyle calls for one of the most restrictive diets around, forbidding the use of any and all animal products in foods, including meats, dairy products, honey, and more. So, then, why are more and more people choosing to commit to this way of life? Learn the most compelling reasons for subscribing to the vegan lifestyle here.