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6 Healthy Snack Swaps!

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The snack universe…the “snackiverse,” is ever-expanding. Moms know all too well that the snack aisle is constantly changing with the addition of new tantalizing treats in changing shapes, colors and flavors.

A surplus of choices means that choosing a snack that’s tasty yet nutritionally sound can be tricky. Add picky eaters to the mix, and you can have quite the challenge on your hands.

Don't fret — we took the guesswork out of finding the perfect family treats with our snack swaps! Below, you’ll find the take on classic snacks, each of which offers a delicious and nutritious alternative you and your family are sure to love.

Swap Traditional Gummy Fruit Snacks for Strawberry Baobab Bites

Try our healthy baobab bites in place of traditional fruit gummies!

Gummy candies come in all shapes and sizes, but the most notorious offenders are the "fruit snacks" that contain artificial dyes, colors and sweeteners. Instead of recreating what nature has already perfected, opt for something natural!

Forgo the corn syrups and artificial dyes in conventional gummy snacks for something supercharged with real fruit! Strawberry baobab bites have a superfood in their name for a good reason. Baobab fruit is high in vitamin C and calcium making moms happy. Kids will love the chewy, strawberry flavor!

“I have never had these before, but they were really yummy. They kind of reminded me of strawberry fruit leather, but they tasted better- less sweet and in cube form.”

-Jasmine, Elizabeth City, NC

Swap Chocolate Chips for Organic Cacao Nibs

Use cacao nibs in place of dark chocolate chips!

Another common snack offender is the little bits of candy included in every handful of traditional trail mixes. While a little sweet stuff is okay, don't allow your child's sweet tooth to take hold of their snacking habits. There are other means of making that mix just as mouthwatering without all the extra sugar!

Enjoy chocolate the way Mother Nature intended with organic cacao nibs. These chocolate chip/candy alternatives are as natural as chocolate can get! Raw, organic cacao nibs are an excellent source of fiber and iron, and naturally lift the mood. There’s no better way to take on a trail or mountain face than with organic cacao nibs in your snack mix.

“The cocoa nibs are so delicious, it's hard not to eat them before I get the chance to bake with them. I can't wait to add the carob powder and goji berries to my smoothies tomorrow!”

-Erin, Houston, TX

Swap Potato Chips for Veggie Chips (No Salt Added)

Enjoy the same flavorful crunch without all the extra fat and salt. Try veggie chips today!

Veggie chips are the colorful, snackable way to pack more veggies into your day! This crunchy chip assortment includes Asian squash, sweet potato, taro, green beans and carrots lightly fried in vegetable oil. With 40% less fat than regular potato chips, plus three grams of dietary fiber, veggie chips are the smart snacker’s ideal crunchy treat.

“My toddler loves these - brilliant.”

-Cassandra, Haverhill, MA

Swap Crispy Rice for Quinoa Puffs

With the same texture and taste as crispy rice, these puffs offer more nutritive value in every bite!

Kids love crispy rice treats and the mouthwatering marshmallows that hold them together. Upgrade the health profile of a traditional crispy rice treat with’s quinoa puffs!

There’s a reason this puffed supergrain is a Registered Dietitian favorite. Quinoa puffs are high in protein and dietary fiber, offering seven and three grams per serving, respectively. They not only make a great breakfast cereal, but would make a yummy, nutritious alternative to rice when whipping up some of our famous, tasty Chocolate Goji Berry Bars. Find the recipe here!

“I am absolutely hooked on these quinoa puffs! Wonderful in a salad, as a cereal, plain as is or, or, or...endless possibilities!”

-Andrea, Round Lake, NY

Swap Saltine Crackers for Chia Chips

Chia chips are a crunchy, nutritious treat to enjoy in place of white crackers!

Wave farewell to typical white crackers, chia chips are here to change-up your cracker routine. These chia chips are made with ground bulgur wheat and chia seeds. Chia was beloved by the Aztecs as a “warrior food” because it boosts energy and aids in digestion and hydration. Great with low-fat cheese, hummus, guacamole and more!

“These have been a long time favorite. They are so great with hummus. I also like them just by themselves, they have great crunch and I love the chia seeds!”

-Teri, Starkville, MS

Swap Granola for Organic Raw Cacao Goji Energy Squares

These delectable cubes offer plenty of energy with an unbelievable tart taste!

Give tired granola the slip in favor of all-natural, raw energy squares made with cacao and goji. Raw dates offer energy while goji powder offers anti-oxidants and protein builders. Cacao helps with focus, making these energy bites excellent for preparing for sports, spelling bees, dance recitals or an action-packed work day. Try these delectable Cacao Goji Energy Squares today!

“Best snack EVER! They are sized right for kids to take to school, have little packaging and are the perfect balance of sweet and nutty.”

-Ara, Adirondacks, NY

We hope you enjoyed these healthy snack swaps from and Red Tricycle and remind visiting members of the Red Tricycle Community to enjoy four free samples with their first order over $25. Click here to choose your samples!